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Paranormal Realistic Fiction Writer



My name is Raven Wolf and I'm a single mom with three children residing in Pierre, in South Dakota. I’m a “Treaty Indian

My writing abilities began when I was seven years old. My teacher would assigned us to choose one book to read.When we were done reading that certain material, we had to learn to break down the story by using our own inner voice. Our assignments was to write book reports. Oh yes, sounds like fun. Well, it is. Like the book worm that I was, and still am, I ended up reading lots of books in order to write more. In the end, I didn’t realize that the one with most reports would win. And, guess what? I won many times. What did I win? Certificates of Achievement and some prizes and I didn’t do it to win anything. It simply happened. I did it to simply have fun.

I’m pretty sure you guys heard this line before from many writers. “I began having these dreams so, I was inspired to write a dream journal.”
No kidding. Many writers like myself. We do dream. Either from our imagination or the kind of movies we grew up watching, or who knows. Maybe even an out of body experience. Whatever the case is, we writers, we dream and we dream “BIG.” I’m one of those writers that did, and I’m still having some extraordinary dreams.

Many of you do not understand that we Lakota's believe that dreams are sacred “Wakan.” Due to specific dreams. I was able to conjure up ”Full Moon.”
Through my "Dream Journal", I was able to bring the pieces together weaving tales about the power of prayer, and one’s faith of hope, and most of all love. That is how my first novel “Full Moon” came to be. This has enabled me to birth a series of six books which is called, "The Lakota Shapeshifters Series." On Nov 1,2012. I will begin to continue writing my first series Book Two: Dark Moon( The Calling) The Lakota Shapeshifters Series....

As a novelist, I continue to be an avid reader passionately in love with the world of the unknown between light and darkness. I have concluded that I’m a Paranormal Fiction Writer.

Through my novels, you will learn the true essence of a culture and of a fighting spirit. The love of a mother for her children. A woman who stumbled finding true love in the most chaotic times of her life.  Due to the hard struggles- Raven begins to transform into a new woman. My story line involves around my culture what many call a spirituality in the same time, we will take you for a ride in a world of the unknown and how one journey entwined her with another.
I write about the SUPERNATURAL:

Paranormal Realistic Fiction Writer:
How can "fiction" be "real? What does this term mean?
The word "fiction" in regards to literature -- generally means a narration which is not-true, real or factual. And "Realistic" means real, real-like or having the nature of "reality".
Therefore, "realistic fiction" means fiction that is realistic or lifelike.
Fiction that is lifelike is fiction that seems real and believable; as though it "could happen".
And that is exactly what readers are paying us for. They are paying us for an experience -- a lifelike emotional and intellectual experience.
The definition word for secret means: secret adj. Kept hidden from knowledge or view; concealed. Dependably discreet. Operating in a hidden or confidential manner: a secret agent. There you have it! A secret agent. How ironic is this. I would like to tell you why, I just said that. Reality is....... I can't. I've said enough on my blogs already. Don't you think?


Its not that I can't sleep. I've got addicted to blogging. Whether thats good or not, oh well, I 'm really getting a kick out of this.  I write, you keep on reading. Besides, aint we writers supposed to write a bit about ourselves? Cross that out. I have.  About Me. Its right here on my page..Duh. Just in case you must be wondering. I'm Raven the writer at this time..Meaning, this is my time, to be the writer. When it comes to politics regarding "Treaties." Thats when I'm Raven Del Mar. Lacotah -Representative Sioux Nation Of Indians. Its pretty darn simple. " I'm both." I'm not only those two entities. I'm also a mother of three children. Yes, I'm a woman who wears many hats.I'm pretty sure that mothers out there can relate to me. I've been on here way to long. Its time for me to

FULL MOON : R漆黒の狼「満月」私の人生の話です。次のと彼女の彼女のラコタ族の信念の女性を一人歩いて祈りの生活 3 人の子供は、選択した彼ら自身を呼ぶ人から実行です。生きて滞在に苦労してください。彼女は別のものに 1 つの状態から逃げます。一度その状態で。一目見たとちょうど、鴉彼女は会ったことがない人のための深い愛に落ちる。次の彼女の直感。レイヴンの人生が変更されます。2 人から 2 つの異なる世界と満月時にすぐに明らかにされる隠された秘密。

レイヴン ウルフ-Chanku Luta Wi-Lakota-代表スー国家のインディアンと申します。あなたがまもなく話ですについてについて読むために当てはまります。自分の人生についてに基づいてください。

我々 は、別の時代に生きている、言葉「名誉」何に多くの意味が、私はそれ。Sincereness を通じて、多くの善行を通じた心の自ら獲得しなければならないもの。私は、Chanku Luta Wi の戦いは、名誉の単語のすべての他のどこかを取ると私の心を設定します。Se 物事をまっすぐに私の子供を保護するには。私たちの声を聞いたとそれら二指のどこかを指示することによって、無実の人々 に指を指して停止を聞く必要があります; 彼らの責任を取る必要があります。いくつかの名誉がある-いくつかの尊厳。空に私はすべての生きているもの Wakantonka を接続する私の幹を指す地面に触れる私 2 つの足と私の祈りを聞いた。これらの苦難のため今女です。それはあなたのためではなかった場合、おかげで私の検察を与えるしたいと思います。なければならなかった女性がでしょう。Metakuye O'yasin

Sí, yo soy el autor, el escritor de dichas obras. Yo no estaba bromeando eirther, cuando dije, mi vida es como, "Twilight"
Me pusieron a través del infierno
Abrí los ojos
Miedo a la mierda de me
Sin embargo
Si no fuera por ellos
No me estaría.

Mi nombre es Raven Del Mar y permite a mí y a mis hijos, llevará en un viaje de lo desconocido.


Su la historia de mi vida

El poder de la oración



y sobre todo

Su sobre
amor incondicional

Una historia que dijeron muchas lunas atrás de una mujer que trajo los siete ritos sagrados para el pueblo, convirtiéndose así en la figura dominante de la nación Lakota. Esta mujer, Raven, una madre de tres, va desde aquellos que se llaman el "elegido" una organización secreta que realiza negocios en todo el mundo. Raven tiene el programa de instalación. Ahora, ella está en el calor del trastorno.

                                    How did Full Moon, came to be?

                             8/29/2012      On  June 2008. After reading so many novels within that spring year. I finally got fed up! The real reason, that I began reading again, was that, I had no romance in my life. Nothing. Its not like I wasn't in a relationhip. We slept in different bedrooms. I was more like a live in house-keeper. Yep! Thats right! Unhappy and miserable.

   ~Reading was a way for me to escape~ 

.  I just want everyone to know that when I say this, I'm speaking for myself and no other.
 Yes, reading for me was a way out and into a imaginary world full of action and romance. Most of all, love.

When time passed. I began getting irritated pretending to be a character of a novel. I didn't want to be a character anymore. I wanted to live it instead.

While reading Christine Feehan's "Dark Prince" for the tenth time. I finally broke apart crying my eyes out. Two main characters caught my attention..The Prince Mikhail and Gregori the healer. Thinking to myself.It would be nice to have those two characters blended in.

Then something happened..                      June 2008         
As I sat by my computer desk with my laptop open in front of me. I closed my eyes making a hard prayer.

"All this years, and it still, continues on. I've done everything that I can. Now,what can I do? I know. Why not write a novel. Hopefully. Flesh this entity out!. That way, that entity will pay attention knowing its you that I'm speaking about. Please, recognize me. :(

Then I began to google some images. Trying to find the perfect one who resembles my secret entity. I found that someone. After that, I created a slide-show.Its an old one. I deleted it. Then I prayed for a name.I ended up writing my entity real name."Oh, no." That won't do."What would they think?" Delete, delete. Then I came out with a name. "Its different!" "Now, who's my character?" "What does he do?" I wrote him up according to, how I wanted him to be."Oh no, I can't do that."  Everyone is going to look at me as if I'm crazy. Certain entities might get off on it, or might really like it. They might even come knocking on my door. So, nope. Thinking I was... "Black Wolf"  Perfect! Then I had to give my entity a age, and a tribal affiliation. EVERYTHING THAT I DID. I DID ON MY OWN WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP.It was only through the power of prayer, that I was able to accomplish this. You must be wondering, what did I do next. Then, I wrote up my entities profile. Closed my laptop. Then I layed on my bed grabbing  a pillow, I hugged it . I cried myself to sleep. I'm not ashame to admit my feelings. We all have them. Thats what makes us human.Toksha, Later.

I'm a Lakota Winyan...

I'm mixed as you can see. Yep. Thats me! I'm Lakota/Taino..What many of you know as a  Borikua. You got that right!  I only know of my Lakota side more. I live this way of life. Yet, I do know the history and ways of the Borikua some customs are very similar though.

My Lakota way of life. Our beliefs are dreams and visions are sacred -Wakan.

Some dreams have meaning some don't. It all depends on the dreamer. When one has a certain dream/visions one must seek out a Wichasa Pejuta- Medecine Man or a Winyan Pejuta- Medecine Woman to assist you in preparation to interpret that dream/vision..

Its my choice wether I wish to share with you the reader to tell all. I might share some.

           Dreams are Sacred to my Lakota Oyate
                                                                            The lone wolf
                              We writers do have a big-Tanka imagination..Yes,we do. The difference here, it all began in a dream.

For the past 20-years I have been dreaming with my four legged friend the Grey Wolf and the wolf pack. Yes of course, their's more to it.  I won't tell you cause, everything that pertians to my dreams is written in my script, Full Moon "A Warrior's Jounrey."

Their you have it! I didn't lie when I said that my Novel is based about my life. And yes, their's fiction mingled with it. You might say, I've been inspired.                                                               
Sungmanitutanka Ska -White Wolf

You must be thinking to yourself. So when did the Dark Wolf began to appear to you Raven? I apologize again, its in my script.Your right! There's more to it. I'm just limited.


Its all about werewolves and vampires..Why is that?

No need for me to say. We all know don't we?

The Lycan's/ Werewolves that I really enjoy is "Underworld" All their movies rock! Theirs like uncondional love between a Vampire death dealer and a human that later on becomes a New Species..A Hybrid. The script is awesome. Yes I own the movies..

Vampires? One of my favorite Vampire author is Anne Rice. The Vampire Queen herself. I'm not offending Mrs. Rice. Actually I have much respect for a woman who speaks her mind. Has anyone ever seen "Queen Of the Damned?" If you have. Then you will understand. If you haven't then you should watch it and tell me what you think. Just leave me a comment and I'll get back with you on that.
Now that you know which is my two favorite films.This give you an idea the kind of movies that I'm into.


In 2007-2008.  A film crew had made an announcement in the Wichita  Eagle that they were looking for extras for a film that they were filming called "The Only Good Indian" Kansas was chosen to be one of their locations set. They were looking for Native Americans to audition. I was there. My son was only 6 years old. I had encourage my son to audition. Letting him know that it was like halloween  were you get to be who ever you want. That this was even better, cause he gets to be himself. That he should be proud that he was Indian, I was proud that he was brave for taking the next step. Auditioning for the part. Money was never the talk or fame. It was the fact that Natives were being called out and that for us, was very unusual. My son is the smallest boy in the wagon full of natives. Then lined up at the boarding school he's the one that gets up and the white man tells him to sit down..He got only three parts..If you hear a boy crying in that part..Thats my boy ,,,

                 The Only Good Indian ...

While standing on a long line. I ran into alot of Indians and non-indian alike. I could still hear the voices of the parents scoldering their children. Look at your hair! Don't smile! Stand straight, or they won't pick you.It made me sick to hear a parent act this way towards their child. It made me feel sorry for those children.  I couldn't help but to glance there way. A native boy about the same age as my son stood with his two hands together playing with them. He had no smile in his face. He acted as if he was ashame, as if he did something wrong. When the truth was, it wasn't him, it was his parents. Greed and self centered they were. It made my blood burned and my insides wanted to cry out and attack those parents. I felt the little boys emotional pain.  Then thats when he caught me watching him.  I brought my son closer to me letting him know that I was a mom who cared and yes I cared for him too. Our eyes locked. I quickly glanced at his parents.. They should be ashame of themselves.They were busy talking to the ones who were behind them. I smiled and nodded at this little boy his whole face expression had changed. He was good now.


 Taino Winyan Boriken
What is a Taino? Que es un Taino?

While sitting on my bed writing this up . I'm here thinking what should I say...Hummmmm.. If I say to much that wouldn't be good.Then you'll know everything about me. Debating now, what should I share with you tonight. I got it! On my Facebook. A  few months ago I asked a Taino from  Boriken(Puerto Rico) How did he feel about being a Taino. Taino, Carribean Native. I asked if he would be able to write up a one page letter explaining it to me. Well, this man shocked the heck out of me. Instead of writing about it. He took his time and made a video for me and my Lakota Oyate.. What great honor indeed. Here's the Video....
                                                    WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!

As I watched and listened to his words. I broke down crying cause, I was never told about my Taino Lineage..At least I know now.
Hin Hannani Washte

When I get up in the morning I always say a prayer. A very simple one. My Pilamaya Wochekie to my Creator, Wakan Tonka ,the great Mystery. Many say:Great Spirit.  Yo reso dandelo gracias a mi creador.  I'm going to get a bite to eat then I'm going to get off my laptop and transport myself to the living room and sit on the coach with my legs crossed. Place my laptop on my legs then I'll begin to write. Later on, I'll stretch my legs and run some errands. I need too. I'm out of here. Toksha

Good Afternoon

I just want to give thanks to WakanTonka for allowing me to be here. Allowing us, to be here another day. I turned on my ACER laptop and it began to smoke and make some odd noises. Oh dang! Thats not good I thought to myself. I was like really freaking out cause I didn't back up my work from previous days. I'm so grateful my laptop started up again.
I've been really thinking hard for the past few days if I should go through a publishing company and submit  my script, Full Moon" A Warrior's Journey" it needs to go and get on that Journey --the journey to getting published, to get it out there. My mind is set up! I'm going to self-Publish my work. But before I do that,  I need someone to Edit my work. I want Full Moon out, by Dec.
I have to go now and get back on my project a writer is always writing about something. Me? I'm writing about my passion. Have a good day to you all. I'll get back on here later.


I just got off my facebook and I find it to be so comical when people write stuff up as if they're trying to get to me. Well, guess what? The damage has been done. You made the mess go and clean it up, if you can. Damage control big time. Its pretty bad when people play games with your heart, pretty dang sad, when one gets wrapped up on something like that. Now, I'm back wearing my old skin, pilamaya, Resistant,pilamaya, Fire-Wall, pilamaya,Anti-Virus Protection, pilamaya. It takes two to play, yet I didn't. This woman is done! I've never asked for this. Oyeah and for those.Well you know, who you are. Keep reading what I'm posting. Cause, if I don't want you to know whats happening,  I wouldn't be posting it, in the first place.  You get me? Regarding dreams. At least I have the courage to speak my mind on here not like some. So, do not speak to me about dreams, they have been mine for years. I choose to share them with you, that is why you know. 
Good night    

The Universe is around us
Hin Hannani Washte-, Good Morning, My name is Raven and I'm the character in Raven's script, Full Moon" A Warrior's Journey." Soon to be released as a  E-book. Hopefully, paper back too. Wouldn't that be nice. Yes, it would be for me.
The feeling for me would be that kind of feeling ,when one brings forth life into the world. Oh, you might not know how that feels, sorry, me bad. Hummmm, that feeling like.."MERRY CHRISTMAS"  or "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  "ITS A BOY" "ITS A GIRL" or "HECK YEAH!" "I'M MOVING OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE" " " LETS PARTY" " LETS GET WASTED, I'M LIKE 21 YEARS OLD NOW DUDE. " <~~~ Let me assure you. I'm not encouraging you to drink. These are words that I've heard with my own ears. " PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR"  " ITS TIME TO PARTY 49 STYLE" Now, thats a native slang, right there. So, do you understand me? Okay! If not, thats okay too.



Dec 2010

Location:Wichita Kansas
While I was in the bathroom straightening out my hair my friend Daniel by the way, she's a female was taking a piss. Here we are, two females having a great conversation.

"So,what do you think about this Lakota man?" I said. " I thought that he was going to help you but he lied, he's no good. Daniel said."
 I'm beginning to think like you" I said.
 "I'm voting for the other Lakota." Danny said.
" Your voting for the other Lakota" I kinda shouted. "He's a friend." I told her. "
 "I think he's good for you." Daniel said. 
I was speechless.
" You know, your life is like Twilight."Daniel said.
Her  voice was full of excitement. "I can't believe, you even said that." I said.
I just frozed and stared at her. Oyes, she stopped pissing. I asked her if she can straightened the back of my hair she agreed. So,she took over and began yapping again. 
"Look at whats been happening to you and still happening. We don't know,  whats going to happen next.
 " This is just great!" I thought to myself.
"Not even." I said with a glimpse of attitude in my voice.
"You're speaking to-- two Lakota men. One is good, and the other is bad." I'm voting for the good guy." Daniel said. " Instead of Vampires and WereWolves"  Daniel said.
I cut her off. " They are not werewolves, I stated.
  "You're  Bella. One of them is Edward, Daniel said.
 She went there! I couldn't move, I was speechless. In a way, Daniel was right. I was living in  hell fighting to stay alive and the vampires were the ones after me but they were called the "Chosen" just kinda different.Eirther way, they were the bad guys.

Daniel is a big time TWILIGHT FAN. She's Team Edward.. I've been nominated to be TEAM JACOB. You wonder why?

Daniel was very excited for me. Excited that my life was in danger? Excited, that I might not live to see another day? This aint chess, this is my life YOU can't just say CHECKMATE, its your turn.  The 22 years old female was right! I was really living "Twilight" In a different sort of way. Then I began thinking to myself.  Iktomi the spider, the trickster had said, that my friend was his enemy. Hummm, I can see why Daniel said that. When Daniel was done with my hair. I've decided to lay down for a bit. The whole drama was like DRAMA for me in real life. While I layed on my bed. I began thinking to myself. "I'm Dead."

Hin Hannani Washte

 I'm also a Representative for the  Lakota-Governement Sioux Nation Of Indians..

Its time for change...


Good Afternoon everyone, How are you, today? I apologize for not being on here more often yapping away like most of the time. My Acer laptop began smoking since last week. I had to stop using my laptop for a while, afraid that it might go up in flames.   
Here I am. I'm using it. Besides, I need to keep on writing for you guys can enjoy,have a laugh on my expense. Thats okay, though. I want you to feel-something and I need to continue writing.

 My friend Shelby was going to stay the night but she changed her mind. I don't blame her. She wanted me to teach her how to make some beaded earings. Instead, I  was on my laptop working on script. I usually don't leave my friends hanging. I had no choice. I wasn't feeling so good. Oh heck no! I aint gonna write details about my symptoms. I was feeling like crap. So, I decided to take a nap hoping it would pass. NOT! I slept for about three hours, when I woke up. I got to see her leave. Yeah, she changed her mind. Don't blame her. So, I got on my laptop checked my facebook, jumped back on my script and kept on writing and editing. Now, I'm getting ready to hit the bed once again. Whenever I do get up. I usually clean up, and get back on my writing.

Last night, I spoke to a friend of mine. Her name is Leigh Savage and she's a published author. We chat for a bit I asked her many questions regarding Createspace and E-book- Kindle. I happen to have an account with Createspace which is a good thing.
This is the scoop viewers, readers. I've decided to self-publish my work. I've spent a year in a half changing my script format to please certain publishing companies following their guidelines. Its come to this. I'm fed-up with it.
What Genre I'm I?Paranormal Fiction Writer
It must be 50,000 words or longer?
No intense sexual scenes...Say what?
No Vulgar...Understandable
We prefer the story--blah,blah,blah.. Exactly!

Besides, I want to use my own book jacket. Their you have it world . I'm
 going to self-publish my script.

"Full Moon" 
Will be out for sale on Nov.
It takes a week for it to be on paperback and a few days as a E-book
I'm nervous, Oh Heck, yeah!
Do I wanna party?
Oh yeah....
I'm gonna cry...
No joking!
Do I care what you think? No! Should I? No.
Its been 5 years, since I began writing my script. I literally put blood, sweat and lots of tears into it. You have no idea. My script and I we have been through some hard times. You know what? My book was my best friend and now I'm going to release it into the world. Oh Dang, I can't see my vision is blurry.. You see, when I began writing my novel it literally began as a diary. Then I decided why not just write my own story,"OUR" own story.This way, I'm honoring my character by expressing my love. 
It began as a...
" Secret Diary" then to " Deadly Embrace" ha,ha,ha . I won't even go there... cause if, I tell you why, I named my novel, "Deadly Embrace" You might like it, or dispise  it. Eirther way, its to bad. Its my story, my hummmmmmm No comment !!! My stomach is doing flip-flops now..I'm  really like wanna throw up.. Yikes! Yep! Really. I'm not joking. Sweet dreams everyone..

      Should I write a Prologue?
Yes! I feel that its very important to write one up. That way my audience can have a better understanding about the situation that Raven is in. I'm at the libuary at this time writing on here and later at home I'm going to continue on. I'm needing to find a editor. How, I'm I going to do this. 

"The Secret Diary Of Raven Del Mar"

It all began as a dream Journal..  
From a
to a
Thats when it came to me.."Why don't you flesh him out?" He said. An invisble force he was. "How?"I said. Write a story-line for the two of you. That way, when you do get published. He will know, it is him, your been searching for almost all your life." "Don't you think that you writing to him in that "SECRET DIARY" of yours, is not going to go anywhere. 

How will he know Raven, if you don't even try. 
You need some kind of Proof. Listen to me, I will guide you through.
I will listen...
Tell me..
I whispered 
     "WHAT MUST I DO?"    



Good Afternoon. While writing on my Acer laptop, this morning. It decided to shut me down. Was I upset? Furious, yes. If I'm not here much you know why. Yes, I'm going to call Acer  once again, and file a big complain. I need a brand new laptop. I'm a writer. Thats going to get published within two months. Now, this? Geez. Even my war pony( Red Chevy Blazer) is wanting to croak over. What else can go  wrong..**Sighing** Theirs this story that I'm like wanting to share with my reading audience. Its about a woman who had a boyfriend, who wanted to be a vampire. Actually, he thought he was. Its funny as heck! Check me out tonight. Maybe, I'll be able to post it up.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about me you can find me on these sites..
I'll be checking everyday on my sites including my emails

Hin Hannani Washte
Good Morning

"The Vampire Boyfriend" 
Raven Wolf

"Good Morning, how you feeling today? " Savannah asked. Prancing around with her white see through sheer robe her curvy body had all the necessary tools to please a man. Her thick bloody wavy  hair fell down pass her shoulder. While she walked pass her boyfriend who seemed not to say much, Rather staring instead.
"Good Morning" Sounding like Count Dracula who recently resurrected from his dark sleep.
Savannah quickly glanced at the dark pale figure. He quickly grabbed her from behind wrapping his arms around her waist. "I'm trying to figure out, what I should have for breakfast." Savannah said while bend over staring at the open fridge. "Would you like me to cook?" " Nawww, not really. She closed the fridge smiling up at him.  "Thanks, anyway." Breaking from his embrace. "Are you going job hunting today? Gracefully entering the living room she sat on her navy blue coach with her legs extended out she turned on the television with her mini remote control. He followed her, sitting beside her, he began to rub her feet. "Maybe." He said. His eyes fell down to her luscious full breast down to her heated core. 
"Maybe?' What is that suppose to mean?" She questioned with authority.
"I don't know." " I might just go to the blood bank and donate again." He answered. "Again?" She said. " I was thinking about something Savannah."  She did not look at him rather her eyes was fixed on the television. " Thinking about what?" A glimpse of attitude was in her voice.   " About biting you." "Biting me?" Her eyes rolled over from the television to him." Don't try to bite me." Savannah's mouth began moving around as if her mouth was going to have something chewy to bite in. She immiedatly turned over kicking him away she scrambled up to her feet giving him a defiance stare. "Your not going to bite me!' "Your not a vampire."
The predator began to follow Savannah into her bedroom. 
She layed her body unto the bed laying on her back she grabbed her novel then continued reading were she had left off.
The young gothic suitor locked the door behind him. He began to massage her feet with ease as to tempting her." Let me bite you-you might like it."
"No!" She shouted.
Her boyfriend came for the kill taking away her Christine Feehan novel " Dark Prince" setting it to the side. " What are you doing?" Their eyes locked. " You know their's this woman that works at the blood bank. She told me, that I look like Taylor Launter.
Savannah nearly choked. Sill her eyes did not move. Her nostrils began to flare, her heart beat began racing.
"Jacob is a werewolf. Well, not really. He's a shapeshifter, not a vampire." Savannah said. With a smirk in his face. "Your wolf and I'm the vampire." " Like Twilight?" she answered with a mere whisper. "Yes." "I'm not Bella." "No, your not- your the closest thing. He said.
He attacked her. His whole body force came crashing in, hovering over her body. Savannah pushed him away with all her strengh. Good thing she wasn't really thin using her own body weight she pushed him hard. Both parties began struggling on the bed rolling from side to side. The vampire fell over the bed, falling hard making the room rumble. Savannah rolled over quickly in the other side of the bed running for the door. The gothic vampire began to hiss. She ran out and he chased after her in the living room. They faced one another. "You Bitch!"He shouted. "What did you call me?" Savannah voice was deep and demanding. She quickly glanced around the living room then back to him. "You heard me, you knocked me of the bed." Without thinking, she pushed her attacker against the wall with her right fist she aimed right into his chest. He too, returned the hits. She turned around facing her back towards him, his punch came in fast. With her right elbow she ducked,  aimed at his stomach. Sounds of pain and suffering came out of his mouth. Savannah quickly turned around to face her attacker. He grabbed her throwing her around like a rag doll slamming her against the wall. The struggled continued on. With her right fist, Savannah punched him in his face his glasses fell off. Deep growls surfaced beneath her throat." Your Wolf." He shouted. "I'll show you wolf" She said. Grabbing his right arm she bit into it." Bitch!" it seems that the vampire had to fight for his meal. With full force he threw her hard againt the wall once again. Savannah's red hair splashed all over her face making it difficult for her to breath. She hardly couldn't see. Biting her lower lip, tracing her lips with  her tongue  she came at him with fast punches. She ducked and punched him slamming his body to the next wall beside a working desk. "Get out!" She shouted. "Now!"  Her grabbed his black trench coat.
Eye balled her. "Its over between us."He soflty said. "Good." "Besides, Vampires and Shape-shifters don't get along remember?" She said. Her breathing chest began to go up and down. "Your right, we don't." He said. I won't be coming back. Then he walked through the front door and out into the day light. She went to the window and watched him walk away.    

The End

"Red Shirt"
Pine Ridge Reservation


We headed out to Red Shirt to attend a ceremony. In the same time.I really
needed to purify myself. We spend the weeked all the way through Native American Day learning to speak the language. Talking about  the "Treaties" and how valid they really are. We also spoke about the new Agers Vs Old timers. Its pretty ridiculous.


Hello everyone, how's everyone today? It can be worse, huh? For some yes,for others not. My Aspire One Laptop has been fixed now to get it out.. Thinking, thinking hard. I can't believe that time itself is flying by us another  day, another day to be grateful ayeee..
Tonight, I have invited some  friends to come over for dinner and work on some crafting tonight. Kiddos will be watching some halloween sitcoms. I'm going to cook some Indian Tacos using Organic flour-organic Coconut oil.( If I had a bigger home, I would invite you all to my humble home)  We can eat and mingle with one another, have a great time working on beadwork, sewing. We women can come together and work on an agenda. You men,well you can take your smoke breaks and mingle and do whatever you do.. Doesn't that sound wonderful or what? Any women or men which to exchange recipe with me? When, I get done cooking some fry bread I will put up my recipe on here and you guys give it a try..
Dear readers, please feel free to leave me a comment. Questions? Email me at or get a hold of me at facebook.
Full Moon -Raven Wolf 
Toksha Aka

Good Morning

Checked my yahoo e-mail last night. There's a terrorist, also a hacker sending crap to me. Things I don't really care to read. What I'm I to do? I'm not going to open those e-mails any longer. Its pretty sad when people take their precious time to try to put another being down. Its like, don't you have better things to do then to e-mail this individual your mind thinking-your junk. Yeah, thats right! Cause,it is. Do you know what I do to junk. I take it outside and say bye,bye..take it away fellas. Yeah, kiss it! I was told that I should report it. What for? I know they can't do a thing.

I am getting near to my deadline... I'm I nervous? Heck, yeah, I am. Will I be able to fulfill it? You bet, I will. A close call it will be. Its the story of my life.

"Full Moon"

A true story of a woman name Raven Del Mar and how she got pulled into some heat of trouble. Full Moon,is the story about my life, I'm not kidding you. Even though my life was out of balance I still believed no matter what cause in the end what we all have left is spirit. Knowone, but knowone can't take that from you. Even through my hardships. I still continued to do what I love the best, that is writing. I hanged in there writing my secret diary. Yes, and my ex-did want me dead. How many ex-'s do that? My ex did it! Wanna know the worse part. He helps people..When it came down to me..he wanted me out of the way;for good. I must go now.. Later
Toksha Aka


 I went over to the Microsoft fix shop here in town and got to see a glimpse of my flat small size laptop. It does have word but its the 2000 version. I'm gonna get it out by tomorrow and have the owner add my Word 2010 Office on to it. Its a little laptop thats for sure but I do know that it will get the job done. I'm so excited,time grows near and the deadline is almost up. Are you ready to read Full Moon? I hope so. Soon,very soon.
Toksha everyone and have a good day 


I'm so happy to have my laptop back. Its working great and I'm back writing non-stop. Working day and night to get Full Moon out. It will be out! Luta, is my Chevy Blazer 1996. He's been down for two weeks. No,its not the battery. Friend came over checked it out...  Stuck in Pierre for the meantime. We are needing to go to Ceremony. :)
 Henhapi Washte Yuha
Have a good night   

Little Confused Creature
By: Raven Wolf
Based on a true story

Wichita, Kansas

Me and my ex-boyfriend were cruising around town. Of course, I was the one who was driving, my ex didn't have a driver license. So, here we are cruising around checking the people out and then I decided to turn my head at this young man who wasn't wearing a t-shirt. Oh well, he was out parading himself like a poster dude. Yeah, the young man who seemed in his twenties was showing off his abs. So, I glanced his way. "I saw you looking at that guy" he said. "Yes, I did look then I looked away,didn't I?" I said. "Its his abs,isn't it?" He said. "No, it isn't." I said. "I don't blame you, he's hot looking." He said. "That doesn't matter to me,its not even about that." What did you just said?" " Did you just say he's hot." I responded in a very schocking and distorted voice. Oh, God I almost choked on my own saliva. "Oh, hell no," Thats when I decided to pull over driving into a parking lot. " Come on, its time to get out of the closet." "Are you bi or what?" I questioned him. "No, I'm not." He said. " No,your not. I've dated men before. I even had guys as my friends. Come on who do you think your fooling." "What?" I can't make a comment about a guy.?" He said. "Yes, you can but no the way you just said it. Besides, all you was talking about was his abs, not me, it was you. I said. "Yes, I did cause I want abs like that. He said. Oh, he must think I'm stupid or something I said to myself. Did you ever kiss a guy before or what, tell me?" I said. " Yes, I did!" He said. " You did?" I shouted. "Tell me what happened?" I said. " It happened in High school." He said. He told me the whole story and I began to feel sick in my stomach. "You know what." I told him. " Your a bisexual in denial. Its time that you got out of the closet. Its okay really, I'm okay. We can be friends and all is good,okay. I'll even help you. My ex didn't even say a word. Then suddenly he did. "Does that mean your breaking up with me?"  He said. "Yes, thats what it means." I said. "Besides,its for the best you know what I mean.?" So, my young ex -boyfriend was happy to know that he found comfort in me and I found out the truth. He no longer resides in Kansas he moved back to California. The little Confused Creature is no longer confused but free.

      The End     

 "Under Attack" 

Have you ever felt that life itself was out of control? Feelings as if you was loosing control? Your heart beat moved rapidly, a shortness of breath literally you felt as if you was having a heart attack and that if anyone saw your reaction you would just run for it and hide. Guess what, I've been there and the best of it all that I beat it. I had gone through alot of hardships, even seen alot for one so young growing up had been difficult living, struggling with PSTD disorder and having panic attacks  wasn't fun at all. Yes, I was ashame-ashame of this sickenss. Now, how I'm I now? I no longer have these symptoms. I need to say, I'm no doctor. What I can say, is that, we all go through some kind of discomfort in our lives. Its not life. Someone will tell you, its life. No, its the people that you come across with,its the enviroment you live in that affects your well being. Watch those triggers and pay close attention. Do you understand me? Life is so difficult. Take a chill pill? No! Thats not the answer. Find the problem, target it then find the solution. I believe this. I call this the three stages. So calling all human beings don't be the problem be the solution. All of you have a great purpose. All you have potential. All said, in a good way. Have a good day. In Lakota Enpetu Washte Yuha Ye

P.S.Try to be good to one another.. I know it. Someone is always mean or saying stuff just go to your friendly mart and purchase Bug spray..:)



Trust is an issue that many face now in these days. Who can one trust? Who can we trust? It doesn't really matter wether is a family member or a friend. We are living in times, were knowone really trust anyone and that along is a fact. Sad, but so true.

I have come across many individuals that I've learned to trust cause reality is we are common beings. We are human beings. I have this tendecy to trust people except for those who gives me a creepy feeling. My advice to you is follow your intution. That feeling that one gets in the pit of ones stomach. You know what I mean? We all agree that trust should be earn through time and patience. You guys, you can't allow your mind to take control wether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not. Don't waste your  time trying to get a hold of his phone and scrolling through his text message. I know, cause I've seen my friends do it and even talk about it. What a waste of time. If their is no trust, their is no relationship. Of course, its the individual. Yes, I agree. Something happen to make you feel so insecure. Think about it! Is it worth it? Do you really want to waste your precious time, your precious life? Nope!  Love yourself, set your boundaries, if their's love take it from there. Look inside yourself. Your beautiful wether your big bone,skinny, shape or form. You have potential.. Remember this..Always respect yourself and respect others.
Henhapi Washte yuha ye
Have a good night


Hello everyone, did you miss me? Oh heck! I miss writing stuff on here. Well, I'm back with two working laptops. Thats right! I'm so happy now finally able to continue on working to get "FULL MOON" Out in the public hopefully in your hands. " LUNA LLENA"
My Lakota Brothers are unique then any other shifter you have ever read. Do you wish to learn the Lakota way of life? You will in a different kind of setting. Culture as well as spirituality is involve big time hopefully soon the Lakota  Brothers along with Raven and her three children will take you to an unbelievable Journey full of action and of course, forbidden love....I'm so excited, you just don't know. Gotta go..Henhapi Washte yuha
Have a good night
Thunder Lurks inside them....
Wakinyan Oyate--- The Thunder Beings.


Hola, me llamo Raven Wolf, soy parlte Lakota y parlte Taino- Borikua. Estoy escribiendo mi primera novela, Full Moon.. My historia se trata de mi vida real con un poco de Fantasia.. No todo es fantasia se trata del espiritu ,tambien la cultura de mi Oyate- Lakota. Yo vive en Pierre South Dakota tengo tres hijos dos nenas hemelas y un nino. Mi passion es la cultura, musica, familia, y tambine el amor.. Verdadmente mi passion es la vida. Ya para elmes del Deciembre mi libro vay a salir.. Tuve mucho problema con mi dos computadoraque fallaron. Tambien quiero decirl que me disculparl con me espanol. Yo lo hablo mucho bien que escribiendolo...
Por medio de mi libro la, LLUNA LLENA
Con la ayuda de Wakantonka el todo poderoso el gran espiritu guidar dome yo doy gracias a todos seres poderoso. En mis futuro novelas ..Voy escribir de cinco hermanos Lakotas que no son hombres regulares.. Con la ayuda ye fuerza del Wakinyan Oyate - La tormenta mis Hermanos tiended el poder del tormenta -lighting adentro de ellos..Si, todo se trata del espiritu.. Quiere saberl si los hermanos cambien en una luna llena? No, ellos no necesitan la luna llena para cambiar.. Mi historais va a tener cultura, amore, accion, technologial, fuerazas escuras, un poquito de todo.. pues, buenas noches..
I speak it, better then writing it

~Walking through Darkness~

We were once a child, then we grew up. I'm one of those; Who had to grow up fast, cause life has been cruel since the day, I was born. Since that day, I found out who I really was. All, I have ever known was "PAIN."
What kind of pain? Every pain that you can imagine has been inflicted upon me. Abused, mentally,physically and verbally. Violated, yes. By friends and loved ones. Even those, you think you can trust. Domestic Violence? Yes, I got hurt really bad. Even  when I fought back, I got striked down pain, blood, running down my face. I'm a survivor. In the end, I became a fighter.  
"TRUST" is not just a word, the word  trust means."I believe in you, so don't let me down, okay."( Many have let me down) In the end, family and friends will tell me, that I got what I deserved .For being so nice, Huh? Your to good,"Huh?" What I'm I to do? Change?  Yes, they are right. I'm just all wrong. I should be more like you and you and you..Who? I rather be me and walk through the darkness alone.  
Good night
We must face the inner darkness that lives within us, in order to fight the darkness that surrounds us each day. In the end, what we have is our soul. Do not allow yourself to drown in the mud of the abyss. Yet, we are humans, so keep going and do not look back cause in the end. When one has walked through darkness one is capable to do many good things. Metakuye O'yasin. Raven Wolf

"Dear Diary"



For the past two years, and counting my life has been like a roller coaster. I've been intimadated, bullied, hunted down, and marked for death. No lie, when I said that my book is the story about my life. I'm a Lakota Winyan also a Borikua.. I live the Chanku Luta- The Red Road. I do no wrong to anybody its the other way around. I try to help people. I wanna do more for my Oyate. When I do it, I do it with much  love and care.I'm a single mother with children who resides in Pierre, South Dakota.. Many who will read this will feel the urge to laugh their butt off. Good! Enjoy. For those who do not. I appreciate your feelings and Sympathy for me. No, it hasn't been easy for me at all. The hardest part of all is when someone tells you that they love you- and say- we can't be together cause we won't live to see another day. Is this true? Or is false? If its true, then I can understand. But, if its not. Shame on you! For putting me and my family through hell. When we actaully  ran from hell from the first place.Shame on you! You said, you love me and do nothing. One day you love me, next day you suggest we be friends. What the heck is that? Stressed? Big time!  My novel has been dragging due to the stress, due to the lies, its not right! Don't blame me for it. Blame yourself. I would really like to thank the true ones who protected me not cause they would gain from me . Cause they knew my true nature.. I am one of them! No doubt about it. I am part of the circle. Tunkashila, Wakantonka would have not brought me here- to Pierre. For no reason.  Tatonka Ska Winyan- White Buffalo Calf  Woman. She's  a great part of our life. If it wasn't for the great spirit, for the wakan winyan, for my Wichasa Wakan- from Red Shirt, and also for my Chanupa Wakan- for my Lakota Ways. I would not be here. I've been tossed to the side like a rag doll( Thats alright). A play toy to be chewed on. (No, its not what your thinking) The chanupa will take you to the end. That is why Wakantonka send her to my people. To teach us how to pray, how to live, through the sincereness of one's ooure heart.  When one takes a chanupa- One should live like a living breathing prayer
Hanhepi Washte Yuha
Have a good night everyone  and thank you for reading my blog. Now its time to send it out to the Universe.
Raven Wolf

"Merry Christmas"

Hello everyone. The holdays getting near and families coming together through love, sadness whatever reasons, it should be. Hope ya'll have a pleasant holiday. If you haven't gone shopping well, good luck with that one. Best time to go shopping is right after christmas is over. For those who doesn't celebrate christmas I'll say, make the best of it. And for me and my family we will be heading out to Red Shirt: Located at the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Yes, folks, will be heading home. Who knows I might not get to see Santa better then that a UFO. Ha,ha,ha.. For those who love heart to heart movies. Keep a close watch at the Hallmark Channel ya know ladies what I mean. To you mothers, grandma's, sisters and Auntie's we all love them kind of movies that comes from the heart. Have a jingle merry christmas
Be careful with grandma don't want her getting hit by no reindeer..Ya know what I mean. Have a good night.     

"Flames Of  Destiny"
Count Down
By: Raven Wolf

Hau, Hello, Hola...Konnichi Wa. Cuo.
I would like everyone to know that I'm planning to write for the rest of my life. I'm a deep rooted writer. I have so much stories that I need to share with everyone. My stories are meant to be told. They're meant to be shared. As a writer, we sometimes plan where we are going. I'm saying sometimes. Many times, we don't. As for myself. When I write a story line. It takes over me.

In 2008, I began writing the Lakota Brothers Serie's. Then a new story-line came to me. Serious, I won't say much. What I can say is that it does begin with two individuals one female and the other being male. One of my character is older then the other. 
It begins
Times Square
Count Down 
Thats all I'm going to say about it.
You might be saying,"Oh, I already know where's this is going?. You think you do. Not! Its way different. Trust me. One thing about me. I love being different from the rest. No lie. I'm speaking from the bottom of  my heart.
Like right this moment. I've chosen to return to the  libuary now that my car is drivable. My favorite place to be is in the young  adult section. Yes, thats where you can find me if your looking. Most of the time, I browse through the latest books. Checking out these awesome writers. I even check out some books to read for myself. If you don't already know.To be a writer. One must do alot of reading. My advice read according to what you are writing about. Yes, I do agree with that. Also,try to  read some magazines. Try to read something off your catergory range. Why did I name my title : Flames Of Destiny? Lets just say, its nothing like, Firestarter- its close- in the same time, its not.  It does involve Spirituality and yes, the Paranormal 
I'm out of here!
Heading out to Pine Ridge Reservation spending the holidays over there.
Hanhepi Washte Yuha
Have a good night  


I'm fed-up-Tired-- I want to move out of here, but can't. I'm stuck! My life is exciting. In the same time,  so boring. Theirs no romance in it..Not a kiss -Nothing- True Love- in the novels or in some famous movie called Twilight Saga.  We are living in times were people don't care anymore..Its all about compromise and take. What the heck is that? Business deal? Well then, theirs no real feelings. Fact is many don't want to keep it real. Many people out there lost it. Theirs an old saying, its best to be alone then to have bad company. Obsolutely!

Many of you out there are soul searching..Many are lost stray...searching...Many are in a journey..To find that Oneness..
I have come across many kinds of characters -people who make great characters for my future novels. Of course they don't know that and they don't need to know.  They inspire me- everything inspires me.. My name is Raven Wolf and I want to live out my dream. I wanna dance in the rain -make love in the rain- I wish to run- run wild and explore without hurting anyone.. I don't play with emotions- cause I do care and we all need that. I don't abuse- cause I wouldn't want to be used...-When searching for Love- I turn to my book shelf- I'll turn on the car heading to the libuary. Or I'll crash on my bed reminising about my dream journals -reminising about him. Oh dang, its never to late to dream- Its never late to love- Age is just a number. Its all about true feelings ones soul to another.


As I sit here on my bed with my laptop in front of me. I begin to think, I begin to re-call that day. It was the stare- it took my breath away. No, not your looks. Are you shallow or are you like dead inside? Silly...Don't you get it. We can speak with out moving our lips. Through my eyes, you saw my spirit- I saw yours. Dreams are Visions. For  they have meaning. Think about it!. Are you that blind? I was in the edge of death for the reaper was coming for me. I was not going to make it easy. I was going to fight. I didn't want my soul to go in limbo. And in the verge of meeting my ancestors ..You suddenly came- we suddenly met not in person but from a distance. That alone, was powerful -Why? Wakantonka heard my cry- then thats when lightning striked. I came as fast as I could just to BE  home in the land of the Lakota . My spirit cried out for help- cried out Lakota! Lakota! Dacotah-Nakota..We are a fighting nation..I've come home.
Metakuye Oyasin.


Hau everyone. It's 6:33 pm and me and my children are cruising and chilling in Pierre, South Dakota. Its hellish cold out here. We ran into some of my daughters friends at the libuary. Their two girls originally from here but their mom is from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. I guess one of the girls birthday is today. We hugged. While the libuary was closing for the day that little girl walked with me then she said. "My stepfather says that your stupid." She told me. I stopped and looked at her. "Don't tell me anymore, okay." I said. Everytime we run into the girls this one particarly child always seems to have something negative to say to me about her (STEPFATHER) He would like to watch me box and wiggle at the gym. My children are a bunch of coyotes.. On Halloween he told his step daughter that it was my birthday. Oh, I don't want to forget this one.."I'm a Witch." He just doesn't seem to stop talking about me even to his wife he complains.. What a predator . This man has all the signs of  an abuser -predator and a major controller. Who knows he might also be a Con-man and a felon.  How come this man just doesn't stop? This is it! He's a two face-control sell out. This man will sell his soul if he had an opportunity. What should I do? One time he said hello.. Oh please..I won't play nicey, nicey anymore. He knows, that I'm single and vulnerable cause I don't have a man in my life. In his eyes we are an easy prey. Any ideas what I should do? Leave me a comment or find me on facebook.

"Tale Of Love"

Why is that? What the heck happened? We often listen to tales of our grandparensts relationship. How did you meet? How did you know? She/He was the one. You won't believe this, but I had the pleasure to interview such couples. 
Location:Wichita, Kansas.So, how did you know that yout husband was the man that you was going to spend your life with. I asked. "When we first met. I knew then that we would grow old together she answered. How? I asked. When we first met it was that instant feeling. You just know hun. She replied. "I don't know, I answered. Is it like magic? I asked." Yes, it is..She answered. "You're blessed, I said. "Yes, I am. We raised two daughters and we have seven grandchildren,She replied. Wow, thats alot of grandkids, I said. Yes,it is. Its a wonderful feeling. She replied. I bet I answered. This is just one of the interview..  
 Another couple told me the same and the other. I even spoken to some widows. Many don't re-married they look forward for death for they believe that they will see their loved one again. I believe this.
Many moons ago.  A 12 years old girl had decided to stay home instead even though he grandpa suggesting that they should go outside for a walk due to the extreme heat. She had refused so her grandpa decided to stay with his grandaughter instead. Because of this, he had a heart attack. He told his grand daughter to call her mother so she did. Then he told her to fetch for his gold ring. He told her exactly where it was. She fetched it and then placed it on his left hand in his fnger. She asked him..Why? She questioned. This is the ring that your grandmother placed on me and I wish to die with it on. He's grandaughter wanted to break down and cry. Ambulance was called in.. They rushed into the apartment and placed her grandpa in a wheel chair and pushed him out the door. His grandaughter followed him to the elevator. She stared into his sad eyes.. She new then, that she will never ever see her abuelo again. Elevators doors closed. His grandaughter fell apart sobbing for the fact that her grandpa, was her protector. And he was the only one who really watched over making her feel home and not like a outsider. Her grandpa for some reason always favored her then her sister instead. This young girl wanted to go to the hospital with her mother but her mother refused even though she knew that they had a special bond. She didn't allow her daughter to go.. So she waited in the apartment to hear some  news.. Hours went by... The next day.. Her mom and her aunt came with news

They both cried hysterically telling the young girl.
Did grandpa have his ring on.? She asked. What ring? They both said.
No! Theirs was no ring, her aunt said. Someone stoled it, the young girl said looking down. Her mom then said. Your grandpa spoke  he said to watch over you.Then he looked up and smiled. He was so happy .. he light up.. Then they both began crying hysterically..He said, that she came for him..His grandaughter looked up.She did? She said.  Yes. Thats what he said, her mom answered. Then he passed away with his eyes open looking up with a smile. 
This 12 years old girl attended the funeral and when she saw her grandpa in the casket she cried and jumped into it..Her grandpa did have a smiley face even though he was cold as ice and hard as a door nail. Everyone around her tried to contained her.They literally had to  pull her off. She couldn't handle the loss.
Good Night

"Oh Man-Now what?-Happy Ending.-Going head on!"

Hau Metakuye
My two Acer Laptop crashed and burned. Can you believe this. They both kicked the bucket and fell over . Hardrive  burned- Cooked. Toast. Recyble..take it away.
I would  like to say that a Laptop was giving to me. In order to support my love of writing to finish up Full Moon. So, everyone I'm out of here. 
Empetu Washte yuha ye
Have a great day..
Mwhuaaa :**


Wakantonka (Great Mystery) All my life. I've been in search for self wanting to find my place within the circle. Where must I go? What should I follow? Coming from a very diverse background. Raised one way-My spirit looked the other way. In the Land of the lost souls thats what I called trying to find ...where is home? Its like trying to find a needle in the haystack. One must follow one's dreams-listen to your soul..SPIRIT is universe it contains secret that we as humans have forgatten memories- supressed by our fears and lack of understanding..Open your hearts and minds-to the Great spirit of all things..Simple-Great spirit-Great Mystery- Guide me-lead me to path of fulfillment.. I love the old world cause its very simple Yet,we live in this new world. Very complicated cause we are surrounded by material things-Illusions so one find ways to fit in. Then ways to balance things out. Can you imagiine this. Its like trying to ask the sun and the moon..Casn you guys occupy the same space..In the same time? Hummm-Ummm. Not really..See ya folks ..Sunrise-Sun-SEE YOU TONIGHT Says the moon..Well, that should work. :)

Pierre, South Dakota

Our Children's Education:

My children and many other Lakota's live in Pierre and in Fort Pierre surrounding area. They come from different reservations. They are my Tiospaye- Wether they like it or not...I do. My great concern is for our future generations-Our Children-Our Elders..We need to communicate by showing respect and concern for them. Many have forgatten the elders. Many have been sent away to nursing homes:You forget that you too will grow old. Will you like to be sent away to a nursing home? No? Remember these words..You have forgetten the way of true living. No! I might not be F.B.I. Full-Blooded-Indian- Aka Lakota..My spirit still remembers-I have chosen not to turn my back on my people-I have chosen to work with my allies side -by side for our children-their children- Common ground(RESPECT) Talk the walk.

I have come across many Lakota Children- blonde hair-blue eyes-light skin-like me- they open their mouths..Holly Macaroni-She's ...A Lakota -mixed blood like me :) ..NEXT GENERATION ALL MIXED!!

The education system here are lacking in a subject. History

A teacher has taken a oath to educate our children-your children. They are not teaching history regarding Crazy Horse-Sitting Bull- Treaty Laws- How my people agreed for peace by signing the "Peace Treaties" Why are children Lakota's-Non Lakota name calling my children "SAVAGE" Heathen? They lack understanding-By living with fear-Ignorance. You do not understand? Afraid..Get out out of that chicken coop..The world doesn't spin on its own. Take a stand-Lets make it haqpen..

Children should not be denied the truth. Education -Knowledge go hand to hand. Pierre Education System needs alot of improvements"Bench Marks?" My children are wanting me to home school them. Why? They do not teach -They do not speak of our great Chiefs who fought hard for our children..Census...Population..Lakota Country your on it! The land of Sioux Nation Of Indians. When one does not teach the children the proper education: One isnot a great teacher-Also,your cheating them away from the truth. Now, hows those," Bench Marks?" Metakuye O'yasin

Take my hand little princess. I'll teach you what you need to know...Okay, papi.
My name is Raven Wolf Writer.Soon you will know my past. And how my past linked me to the future. Who I am?. What I stand?. Do not fear if your conscious is clear- When you fight make sure you stand up and keep fighting until you can not stand any longer. 
When you cook make a prayer add love in everything you do. Most of all ,be proud of  who you are.
Now princess go and make sure you do right and show kindness to others. The rest is a secret between you and I.
Okay, papi..I love you. 
I love you too, he says.
Raven Wolf
Have a good night 

"Under Attack"

Their are many ways of attacking an individual. Cyber Bully- Alright-sent your minions- Hacking-Stallking- Cruel ansd heartless. Like I said, many ways. People attack you cayse they feel inferiour-they feel threatened by you even though you did not do them any harm. People are very selfish now in these days. They care only for themselves and the rest who cares. What is wrong with society now in these days. I'm at the libuary minding my own business dude walks up to me and says crap to me. I was in no mood to fight or say much. I didn't care for his words. Call naming me. Next time I won't be sweet and me and this dude we are going to argue and fight. I don't care for insults and today I'm tired to the point of fatigue. I'm alone and I have children to attend too... What kind of person attacks a woman alone with children? PREDATOR AND A WEAK ONE AT THAT!
You see I'm alone you attack me. Hardly don't like getting on facebook cause someone seems to bash or insult me. Everywhere I go seems I'm being hated with jealousy..
In a world so cold its hard to be alone

As a writer working to finish up has been difficult for me. I have been dragging since I've got here. Yes, things have been better then before thats for sure. Still, another form of abuse- has risen. When will it stop? When will the sun rise and shine down on me? I have been insulted in the worst ways ever.A good friend has left Pierre- We got along really well- I was open to him and trusted him with my all. Last night when he came over we hugged and I TRIED not to let show. He looked into my eyes and saw my tears running down my face. I felt so vulnerable- so alone- once again. He was there when I needed help-he was there when I was down someone to talk too. Now my friend has gone away and I stand alone once again.
People say, its to make me stronger..  Stronger? I have gone through hell and back. How strong should I get? Until I feel no more? Walking Dead? No! I feel and because I do I'm drowning in quick sand dragging myself up..I can't breath-can't breath.  


"Feels Like Forever"

Hello everyone, I know, I know. Its been like forever since I've been on here writing about anything or something. I aks that you forgive me. I know that some of you have been reading what I've been posting and I find that to be great. What would be much greator if you would drop me a comment or just email me if you want. When I can I will surely write back to you.
I've been really busy writing. My ACER laptop finally died over and now I have another. A Gateway and its pretty darn cool. No internet access but thats okay.
Feel free to drop me a comment or simply ay hello, whats up Raven? Once my book gets out I would be here much.. Hopefully, once a week or three times a month. I will continue writing on my blog cause thats what we writers Love to do. And you guys are the ones that are going to make it happen.
At this moment, I'm at the libuary writing to you -and also writing. I will soon inform you of my updates cause truth is..I need Full Moon LIKE OUT OF HERE that way I can continue writing Dark Moon (The Calling) Theirs a new Evil thats Coming!!! 

"What is that?
Hello friends and readers out there in cyber world and those who lives in my world . Those who knows of  my character and what I'm all about. I was just on my fb page. I just don't understand people ya know. The kind that watches your every move..How can you live with yourself?. You just don't have any idea how I would love to just speak to you right up and personnal.

Yeah. I'm a female. I'm a woman. So what? Did you forget where you came from. Oh, wait. Let me clarify your mind and that dark spirit that beats within you. Ignorance...Female! You was conceive by a woman who sacrificed her body to get all torn up to carry you and then bring you forth into this matrix. What we call world.
Its so sad how, now in these days people don't know how to feel or don't even know how to act. Around real genuine people. Wait a minute..Let me text him...." I love you."   lol.. Breaking a word down and writing abbreviatons instead. Not good. At all.
Its pretty disturbing when one finds out that your girlfriend  just broke up with you on line like fb or text. Ridiculous! A cowardly act. People have forgatten how to show true emotions . How to be sincere from the heart. Oh please, stop with your fake smile..FAKE TEARS..You just forgetten to feel. Your to afraid to be a man or woman.. To be able to feel emotions is to be able to know how to live -how to breath- The drive and passion of it all.. Ones heart and devotion..
Now men.. Where's the chilvary.. Between a female and male..Were has it gone? Oh wait a minute..It's called ..Can I have a quickie..One night Stand..Cause serious your just here for fun and for my own satisfaction I don't care for you or me or if you drop dead by sunrise..I have good time. You have good time..Lets walk our own seperate ways..
My name is Raven Wolf and I'm about to ((THROW UP!!))) Oh baby let me  kiss you.."Do you really want too? "Why would you ask me that? I have to brush and sanitize my mouth. ..WHERE DID SHE GO? Where did he go? You get me everyone..? I guess you do..
I'm Raven.. Would you like to take a walk with me to watch the moon light.?
Allow me to cook for you. Its because I want too. It brings me joy and satisfaction to do so..I love exotic Oils..May I massage you? Every stroke is done in a gentle manner filled with care and love..  inticing and delicious. 
Hello,My name is Raven- If we get to know eachother personality and traits we might get along nicely..I might  allow you to call me Rave.....
I'm old world- Romanctic. Of course, I'm a Paranormal Fiction Writer. Also a Romance Novelist writing about my Biography true events mixed in with...I won't say..
I admire strengh in a man...When a man cries he's a man .When a man proctects he's everything I can hope for..That kind of man I will  fight and honor. Kind of men  I write about..
I believe..I simply do...


Hi, my name is Raven Wolf and as I sit here on my cream carpet with my laptop over my legs I begin to wonder. "Writer?" Yes, that's who I am. "Published author?" I will be very soon now. "When was the last time that  I have ever dated?"Humm.... Its been long...very long. I haven't been kissed since Dec 2010. Thats how long its been for me. Well, a kiss yes. Ask me if the kiss was something to remember. "Nope!" " Not really." You must be thinking how long its been for me.. Nope, since Augost 2010.
I'm a Paranormal Fiction Writer and I also write about "Romance." I'm speaking for myself and not for knowone esle. I have this big imagination about many things. Especially about the art of "Making Love." Some will say, "Raven is writing about Making love. Oh, she went there. Yes, I did and I'm going in more farther. Can't really tell you much.I'll tell you a little bit.
"Full Moon" 
In my novel there is going to be a Diary. "The Diary Of Raven Del Mar" And in it-it will contain Raven's Longing and fantasies especially about her dreams. So, basically...Raven is going to run wild and free. As you already know Making Love and Getting down or whatever you wish to call it is two different things. We live in times were many are not grounded  alot of people are weak- minded not regarding other only for self. Those are weak minded folks.
I met a man long ago and he was very charming but we just didn't have that spark ya know what I mean. I asked him if you met a woman that one day would you lay with her. His answer was, No, I wouldn't. Astonished to hear that answer baffled me. "Really?" I repplied. "Wow, did she ask if you were gay.? " I asked him. He laughed. "Yes, she did." For your information a woman will say that to you to get you between the sheets. Many women do know that the majority of men are weak minded and are easily seduced. Many women use that femine power to lurk you in-Ya know, hook you. 
Last year I lived in this Motel for only two weeks. I decided to step out of the room to catch a fresh breath of air. Their was this causcian man next door to me and he to stepped out. This is what happened.
"Hi, he said." "Hello, I replied.  He was a short heavy man around his 30's he came into  town for fishing. " You look nice, he says." "Thank you, I answered." "Do you know how to give massages,he asked." "Yes, I do.I said" "Can you give me one. I'll give you $20:00 for fifteen minutes. He said" "No, I don't do that." I answered. "Why not?" He asked. "Cause I don't."I say. "Then he checked me out from head to toe as if I was a good piece of steak or goods. "Then he spoke to me about strip joints and about something  else if ya know what I'm saying. "Disgusting, I say"  The man started giggling. I don't see whats funny. "You can make alot of money,he says." "How is that, I asked"  "You see you have a ribbon down there. He said. "OMG, He went there. Seriously, I wanted to punch him in the ass. My insdes were burning and I had to control myself.  "How is that?"Sarcastically,I said. " You have a ribbon down there and you can pull them in and men love that." Knowing this man his mind was more like Men/women will get pulled in. You can make so much money..He said. "Naww, I'm good. I said." "You can dance too,he said." "I'm a dancer- Fancy Shawl dancer in the Powwow circuit, I say." I lost him. He didn't know what to say. "Do you need some money,he asked. "Yes, I do. I answered" You can make some easy money just giving me a massage. I really need it." Then I cut him off and went back into my room. I had enough.
 So,,here you have it everyone.  


If you are able to have a conversation with me that will work. If you are able to converse with me til sunrise you got it made. Thats like number one for me.
Two: Are you like the romantic type? Many would say yes I am. Sure you NEXT!
Three: Are you a great lover? Ahuh..Sure you are...NEXT!
Not asking you to bed me you nut ball..I'm asking if you got the old charms what it takes.. Oh, you don't. NEXT!
Four: Do you love kids? If you do thats great. We shall see and if you lied. Bend over please- NEXT!
Five: Do you only think ahout sex? Oh, you do 247. Hummm. Weak-minded- no imagination- Clueless- Still little boy with big peanuts or small ones.NEXT! GO HOME AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU GROW UP AND BECOME A FULL FLEDGE MAN..YOUR LIKE OUTTA HERE. WHERE'S THE BUZZ DOOR.
Six: Will you take me out for dinner or rather "We" Cook together? Big plus. 
Seven: Wanna take a walk? Good!
Eight: Are you like a family man? No, not really. You have heart for me? We shall see were your heart is.
Nine: Are you a team player? We both are!Do things together. Working towards goals and future? You are. WOW.If not.. NEXT!
Ten: Do you believe in a growing relationship with me.? You are,, you can stay.. No, Next!
Have a good day!
"Being Both"

Hau, Winyans
How are you? Me? I'm pretty darn confused. Has anyone ever confused you? I bet you have. I'm a mother of three children. I'm also a woman too. Even though I'm not dating, I would love too. But, really. Can't! Its difficult to trust anyone now, in these days.Especially, when one is clean. There's so many unclean people out there.They just don't care about ones feelings. Its like they are the walking dead or numbed up inside. "Wake up people!" Its time to be real and keep it together. If you can't be real to yourself, you can't be real to knowone else
"Hau Metakuye"
I woke up this morning to check my messages and its pretty unreal how people use the word"Love" to try to manipulate someone to give another money. "If you love me, you would do it. If you don't, then I'll find another person who loves me and my family." Oh, wow.. Manipulation One on One..All I can say is, "Wow." You know people. When you love someone those are the kind of words that one shouldn't have to read or hear in life. Seriously,I am so tired of hearing or people trying to manipulate me and  trying to use me.I don't do that! I'm a female, I know the struggles ..and people now in these days take advantage of ones kindness. Man! I've been running to alot of takers and not givers lately.. I've been around lots of  manupulaters...Sad to say, I had certain children who used to come over and pray with us..Not only just pray but sing the songs too..Two of those children were interogating...Where do work? Do you get this? I mean interogating me..I flat out told this child certain things and she began crying..From guilt and being caught.. A week ago my daughter comes up to me and tells me that the same child interogated her asking questions about my business.My daughter is only ten years old.. Only ten. She had to tell this child.."How come your asking questions about my mom?" It seems that my children have to be careful and not trust certain children and what really hurts they knew them for two years..Actually, they were their first freinds when we got here in Pierre, in Feb 3, 2011. I told these children that they no lonoger can come near us again...That I knew, who sent them, their mom..Now you tell me what kind of mother is that? Toksha.. 

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